The surmountable trials of Lady Ghana

About Lady Ghana

I am a tired and slightly disillusioned development worker.

Africa has been a part of me for the past 10 years. I have laughed, cried and put on weight here.

I am fighting the urge to become a cynic, yet a tiny voice keeps urging me to dream, to stop trying and to relax.

I intend to do just that in Ghana.


3 thoughts on “About Lady Ghana

  1. Hey,
    Wow, what a heartfelt interesting blog! You write as beautifully as you translate….(we miss you at BICC :)) I am so sorry to read that it is not what you expected. The poo beach cracked me up…happened to us in Zanzibar no less. I SO hope you start finding positives, and the purpose for you both being there. You are missed here for sure!

  2. Hi..Never knew you blogged. You write beautifully. I wish I had the energy to make a blog. It is all in my head..8 years here now. Wow. Many, many thought and stories.

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